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Yahya bin Mohammed al-Mutawakkil , 1943-2003 . Yemeni political example in the tournament and humanity, sincerely devoted his life to Yemen and was still alive in the hearts of all loved him.


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On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the passing of our father Yahya Mohamed Al-Mutawakel, may Allah's mercy be upon him, and in a way that Advocates the ideals and principles of his message to which he dedicated his life.

It pleases me to announce the founding of "Yahya Al-Mutawakel Foundation for Development and Culture", which aims to achieve my father’s vision to raise Yemen and its ambitious people from the lows of poverty, instability and ignorance to the heights of knowledge, fortitude and prosperity. The establishment of this institution stems from the desire of his admirers to follow his footsteps in achieving his vision of a new, modern and united Yemen where true democracy, justice, freedom, law and order abound.

Surely strong nations are not built by complacency and negative attitude but rather by the sincerity and hard work of their own citizens who are not as much concerned by what their nations can provide for them as what they can provide for their nations. This is how nations prosper and become strong and build their great legacies. Mohamed Yahya Al-Mutawakel Chairman of the Board of Trustees.